Warm Space

A warm space, a warm welcome, a warm drink and, if you fancy it, a bowl of soup. Stay for a chat, or try out a table game. Wednesdays 12.30-.230pm in the Northcliffe Church Community Hall, Hall Royd.

ALL Together Celebrates Harvest

We had a marvellous time of worship and fellowship as we celebrated harvest. We gave thanks for God’s wonderful world and care for us.

Along with our bible reading and prayers, we shared prayers and songs. We watched videos. We joined in craft activities and puzzles, then shared food together.

Donations to the Food Bank were ‘harvested’ and our guest speaker from the Bradford North Foodbank explained how the foodbank operates and why it provides a much-needed service.

We were shown what a typical food parcel would contain. 5 large containers were filled to take to the Foodbank. Flowers were given to all our guests at the service.


Northcliffe Church opened its doors for reflection and prayer following the announcement of the death of queen Elizabeth II. Some people chose to light candles or simply to appreciate the quiet. Our Brownies laid flowers at the foot of our memorial tree outside church, while the Guides wrote cards which they formed into a flower shape and posted next to the tree.

Anyone for an Easter Mocktail?

The guides were busy again. This week, making Easter Egg Mocktails with ice cream, milk, sauce and chocolate! Here are some of the results:

Recycle, Re-use – an amazing example

What a wonderful example of putting what some might think of as discarded rubbish to good use. The guides had asked our local Shipley supermarket if they could collect the old, returned, empty crisp packets for a project. They were met by cages of plastic and each of the 15 guides trudged back up Hall Royd with a sack-full on their back.

Back at church they set up a cottage industry. Opening out the empty crisp packets, washing them, hanging them on a line to dry before finally ‘shrink-wrapping’ them to form blankets. This involved getting sheets of plastic and greaseproof paper and ironing over the crisp packets.

End result: SPACE BLANKETS which will be sent off for homeless people and refugees to use. A-ma-zing! Well done girls and leaders once again.

Memorial Tree brings Spring Joy

We are delighted that our memorial magnolia tree is in flower in its first season. Something to lift the spirits for those who pass by.

In recognition of Ukraine’s struggles

The people of Northcliffe church have been praying for all those involved in the conflict in Ukraine. The physical destruction of the country, the loss of life on both sides, the trauma endured by the people fleeing or staying is heartbreaking. We like so many others long to see an end to the fighting and a way for some of the suffering to be eased.

As a small token of our concern the guides set up two rows of rope in front of church. they and church members have been tying blue and yellow ribbons onto the ropes. One sits just in front of our memorial tree. Even our spring bulbs in front of church of muscari and tete a tete echo the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Advent at Northcliffe

You are warmly invited to join us at an array of events and services coming up in December.

On Saturday 4th December the 4th Shipley Guides present their WINTER WONDERLAND between 10am and 2pm, with the following on offer:

  • Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Cafe
  • Reindeer Food to buy
  • Christingle-Making
  • Games and Fun for all
  • Refreshments
  • Cake Stall

Proceeds will go to The Children’s Society and Church Funds

On Sunday 5th December the Brownies, Guides and Rangers will present our NATIVITY SERVICE at 10.30am followed by coffee and mince pies.

On Sunday 12 December our Advent Worship and Communion service at 10.30 will be led by Philip Lewer and tim Billingsley.

Our Carol Service takes place at 4pm on Sunday 19th December led by Phil Drake, with music provided by the Hall Royd Band.


Sunday 14th November 2021 provided the opportunity not just to have our usual Remembrance Sunday service but to hold a SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE  and mark in a special way the lives lost in our community during the recent Covid pandemic.  We felt very aware that for many, including members of our own church, it had been hard not being able to hold services of thanksgiving and celebration for the lives of people who had passed away.

The church decided to plant a magnolia tree outside church and at our service, a plaque to remember those in this community who passed away during the pandemic was unveiled while we marked a two-minute silence.

Back inside the church everyone was invited to ;light candles and later to share in the sacrament of bread and wine.

Thank you to the Brownies, Guides and Rangers who took part in our service, parading their flags, doing the bible readings and making gifts to hand out to members of the congregation at the end of the service .

Thanks to our Brownies and Guides for their part in Harvest 2021

4th Shipley Guides had a great ACTIVITY SESSION on Saturday preparing for our Harvest Service at Northcliffe.

They baked BREAD PLAITS and created beautiful, DECORATED, WOODEN LOGS. Well done girls.