Our AGM Service

We tried a new (to us) way of conducting the business of the AGM alongside our worship. We were keen to ensure that as many people as possible were involved in decision-making and hearing about the full life of the church. Reports on Safeguarding, Mission and Finance along with the Leadership and Pastoral reports and all sat comfortably amongst our readings, prayers and hymns. The children had prepared reports on their views on Sunday Club and made an excellent job of delivering these.

We were pleased to welcome visitors from Little Lane who joined us in worship.

All URC churches have been allocated £3,000 for Mission so we used this opportunity to present three proposals as to how we might use this money to best effect. One suggestion was that we develop the downstairs entrance hall to make it a more comfortable reception area for the many visitors who use our community rooms through the week. The second recommendation was to develop our outside space into a calming, reflective community garden; proclaiming God’s love of creation. The third proposal focused on developing our front of church to make it more inviting to passers-by, possibly with new doors, a ramp, and the vestibule upgraded into a more open reception area. Everyone had their chance to indicate their preference by using 10 stickers which could be allocated to one proposal or shared out between 2 or all 3 of the ideas.

As you might imagine, each suggestion was well received but the one which attracted more stickers was the one to proclaim our presence by improving the front of church both externally and internally.