Pentecost Worship

We were treated to a thoughtful and delightful service for Pentecost, presented by our Brownies and Guide Leaders. They referred back to our Easter service when the congregation were each given a sunflower seed planted in a small pot and asked to nurture it. There were mixed reports of how well the sunflowers had fared – some having failed to germinate at all and others set up as fine examples at the front of church, starting to grow tall and strong. As Christians our growth may be ‘patchy’ – we may struggle at times to ‘grow’.
The church was already decorated with a string of doves and we were invited to write our prayers on the flames that the brownies distributed to all which were then read out and attached to more doves to make another row to hang up.
We moved then from sunflowers to strawberries and this time small strawberry plants were given out to all. We thought about the strawberry runners like the members of the early church spreading out to reach others.
Well done Brownies and thank you to the Guide leaders for your input too.