Busy Knitters

The Knit and Natter Group got busy with these cosy jumpers to send abroad. This is the second batch they have knit for African babies, known as the ‘fish and chip babies’. These are really poor babies, many of whom are born with Aids and that is about all these little souls come into this world with. They are so poor that they are sent home wrapped in newspaper which is why they are called fish and chip babies. The jumpers themselves are very easy to knit and they are knitted in one complete piece. For most knitters they take an afternoon or an evening to complete. They are very important because in Africa, the nights are cold and these babies have no clothes.

The only real stipulation is that they are knitted in bright dark colours rather than the pastel shades we may use for babies, (bright stripes look good and use up only small bits of wool). This is because these little garments may never be washed.

More recently knitters have been recruited to produce a host of angels – some of them seen here – 

The  Christmas Angels are knitted to give out to those who need cheering up this Christmas season.